But don't know how to begin?

My clients are often extremely motivated to make changes at the beginning of their journeys but quickly experience hurdles which make reaching their goals extremely difficult:

– Not knowing the true goal

– Not knowing WHERE, WHEN and HOW to begin – whether it be lifestyle change, weight loss, or something else

That’s why the very first steps of my online coaching program is to define the goal and get you started the right way.

How we get you started

Step 1:
When signing up for online coaching, the first step is for you and I to define your very own goal. Sometimes what you THINK your goal is, is not truly WHAT your goal is – Trust me, you’d be surprised if you knew how many times people have been wrong.

Step 2:
I will then provide you with the right customized tools, specific to your body and your needs that will help you on your journey towards reaching your goals. You will receive the following to begin with:
– a personal meal plan specific to your needs, that will be adjusted throughout your journey depending on your progress and feedback

– a tailored workout plan with a variety of exercise and easy to follow instructions helping you to maximize your time in the gym

Change your life
- For good

I’m going to be your coach every step of the way

I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure that you don’t lose motivation during the process! By logging into your personal account on my website and app, we can have direct contact and exchange messages about your progress and development. I will be able to listen to your feedback, help with coaching and give you that extra boost when you’re lacking motivation or are frustrated with your progress.

Through your personal tracker we will both be able to track your progress towards your goal – I will then be able to make any necessary changes to your workout or meal plan depending on your comments and progress.

Don’t forget that the most important part of being healthy is psychological wellbeing!